07.26.2014 8:00 Time to Fly!

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At NARAM-56, we will hold I Waterloft, carrying and recovering 500 mL water bottles with I motors to the highest altitude possible. Flights are allowed all week from the Sport Range. We will have 2 divisions for all the HPR Fun events, senior and junior (anyone under 18 as of July 1st, 2013). NAR members that have their Junior L1 certification are welcome to compete as long as they follow the rules for Junior L1 fliers.

Waterloft is a provisional HPR Fun Event, the current rules are as follows. The other rules can be found in the HPR Sporting Code.

Note that the HPR Sporting Code & event rules do not set limits on number of flight attempts. So, feel free to fly both your safe model & your high-performance model. 

Waterloft Rules (by Steve Lubliner)

TBD    Water Loft Altitude Competition
TBD.1    Scope
Water loft altitude competition comprises one event with five impulse 
classes open.  The purpose of this event is to achieve the highest 
altitude while carrying a specified liquid water payload. 
This event is open to single staged models only.  Clustered motors are 
This competition is divided into classes based on the permissible total 
impulse of the motor(s). The following classes of Water loft Altitude 
Competition are established:
Motor Class
Total Impulse
Water Payload Volume
H 160.01 to 320.00 500 milli-liters
I 320.01 to 640.00 500 milli-liters
J 640.01 to 1,280.00 1000 milli-liters
K 1,280.01 to 2560.00 2000 milli-liters
L 2560.01 to 5120.00 3000 milli-liters
TBD.2    Variances
The contest director, at his/her discretion, may stipulate minimum model 
dimensional characteristics that are intended to limit the maximum 
achievable altitude due to launch field restrictions.
The contest director, at his/her discretion, may stipulate a water volume 
payload twice the established volume to limit the maximum achievable 
altitude due to launch field restrictions.
TBD.3    Payloads
Payloads shall contain the specified amount of water +/- 1.0%.  No other 
payload liquid is permitted, e.g. carbonated water.  Payload volume shall 
be verified after the flight.  Payload containers may not be made of glass 
or metal.  Payload containers do not have to be enclosed within the rocket 
Commercially available containers that have their tamperproof packaging 
intact, retain their commercial labeling, and have no indications of 
leakage, e.g. wetness, do not require post flight verification of their 
water volume.
Multiple containers adding up to the required water volume are permitted.
The payload(s) shall descend on deployed parachute(s) when within 300 feet 
of the ground.
TBD.4    Returns
All models require return to verify the payload condition and water volume 
(if required).
TBD.5    Flight Data
Flight altitude shall be recorded per Section 1.4 of this sporting code.

TBD.6    Scoring
The highest recorded AGL altitude is the winner. The RSO's decision on 
the validity of altitude reporting is final. The same RSO should examine 
all data files, if possible.