August 7th 2009


I arrived at arround 1530 got the room and ran over to the Field. Got the tents set up took a few pictures and grabbed some VIDEO!

I am experimenting with a new page format for naram. a page full of thumbnails that click to a large copy of the image. should make my job a lot easier and many say they prefer this. let me know what you think!

I am uploading most of the videos to Youtube. This will just make life easier and insure most people can view them without difficulty or needing any knowledge of videos codecs etc..

My new camera can take high speed video. I think you guys are going to enjoy that! it also lets me doo high speed at full resolution. Here is an animated gif I made of a RC Rocket glider being "flung" by its wingtip into the air by Keith Vinyard. (most of the videos are of this as well as some onboard video)

Here are the pictures I took today

The early arrivals starting tent city More tents More Keith vinyard Prepping glider for launch
First flight "gilateend" the rudder:-) First row The Primary Naram tents Contest Range head on the left and the Vendors area Common area tent on the right Flying an RC Rocket Glider
CIMG5668.JPG Keith vinyard - Grrr it was out of focus. CIMG5670.JPG CIMG5689.JPG