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I have an affiliate account with amazon. if you buy things from amazon after clicking on my link I get paid a small sum (around 50cents a sale) you don't have to buy what I link too.

August 4th 2017
Last Day of Naram 59 Status: Friday Day Online!

Friday August 4th 2017
Awards Ceremony will be streamed live I THINK you can get to it from HERE 7pm

The Awards Ceremony will be Live Streamed. I found out tonight the playlist does not include the live stream until its "done" and I am not sure how to "find" the livestream. I for now assume that if you click on my youtube name to see "all" my videos ie visit my channel that you should then see the live stream listed. So I THINK if you go HERE you should see my livestream when its happening.

Thursday August 3rd 2017

Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Tuesday August 1st 2017

Monday July 31st 2017

Sunday July 30th 2017
Live Stream on Youtube Starting Around 2000 EST

Saturday July 29th 2017


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