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August 6th 2010
Naram 52 is Over Status: Friday Day 8 Online
Click Naramlive on the left and then select the day you wish to view or click the picture below for whatever day you want and it will take you to that day. Don't forget the Youtube link on the left to see any videos I upload. There is a Channel for Naramlive 52 and a playlist for each day.


Tom Pastrick send me nearly 400 pictures. They are now online for your viewing pleasure! Thank you Tom he also got pictures of the Royal Gorge and Estes in Penrose!



Last night I passed my L2 test so Today I flew my L2 Certification Flight and it went absolutely fantastically. It massed 11 pounds ready to fly and reached around 1100 feet (the altimeter did not report properly saying it went 304 feet) I got some amazing video.



Got my Level 1 Certification today! Got onboard video as well!


Sunday is online Enjoy


Pics online videos are uploading as I update the site (another 4 hours or so to finish should be done by morning) I put the 360 Pano images on a different page and inside a frame so if it crashes you don't goto page 2 for saturday. everything is on page 1 except the 360's

If it just makes your system slow then you can go their only ONE will load at a time just click the number you want to see.

Enjoy the pics!


Youtube Channel is online

I got a Test Panaramic of the Hotel Lobby online on Friday's Page I will have more pics and whatnot online later tonight! The Wireless here is utterly unusable. Now it won't even allow a connection to be formed at all. We found some linksys router somewhere just close enough to allow a connection so we shall see how long that lasts. More to come! remember its Mountain Time here so I am 2 hours "behind" you so a midnight update for me is an 0200 update for you !

As with last year all VIDEO files will be on the youtuibe channel. Pictures will be here. Pages will be singular IE HUGE but thumbnails and then you will be able to click on the thumbs for larger images.

This method allows a huge amount of automation AND allows me to give you larger pictures to see at the same time :-)

Enjoy the site

Pre naram

I have a new test site up for Mobile Phones. Nothing dynamic just basic info.

Coming Soon

Most Links are broken or weird as I build the new site....

Still want to see Past Naramlive's? Right over here...