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Naram 50
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Here is the Brochure for Naram 50 PDF


Here is the Brochure for Naram 51

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August 1st 2008
Naram 50 is Over See you all at Naram 51 Status: Friday Online Now!

Ok after Naram update. Got a BUNCH of videos online and I fixed the HD videos.

SO go back to Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday Video pages and refresh them! Warning some of these files are really big :-) Enjoy!


Friday has come and gone. Naram 50 has come and gone its all over.

What a week. It was a blast. Got to see and meet so many people. It was one of the best Naram's I have attended yet. The only Naram that comes close would be the Colorado Naram in 2000.

Today's Pic of the day if once again of my Camera Rocket. Why? Think Flamethrower. The camera did survive and it hit me TAKE PICTURES. and take them I did. Some of these shots are quite fascinating. I also have video from onboard as it burned which is very interesting to watch I will get that online as soon a I fix the "processing" bug I am having with it.

Alyssa. Alyssa. Resistance is Futile. Your Intellectual Rocketry distinctiveness will be added to her own. We are Alyssa. You remember that name. She is gonna eat you guys up!

Just left of here is some images of the Naram 51 Brochure!


Alrighty! Thursday is done and online! The videos are HOT be sure to check them out!

This is my new Video Rocket on the new Aerotech Mohave Green G78-4 that Bob Sanford gave to me to Demo in my Camera Rocket! Very cool motor. Very fast motor :-)


Alrighty! I finally got tuesday online (videos are still pending) and I also got wednesdays trip to the space and air museum online! Enjoy!!


Todays Main Page photo was shot by George Gassaway. Alyssa Stenberg (A Division) flying her D RC Boost glide all by her self It was quite a performance! Congradulations Alyssa!


Sunday is Done. Some fun Flying Imagination Celebration Competitors Briefing and Vendors Forum.


Today was a fun day. Some sad stuff but 99% blast fun! Got some good pics a ton of pics from the ORR and some video and audio!


This is one of my favorite models for the day.
A Giant Upscale Mach 10 Radio Controlled! Very nicely done!


Friday's Main Page

And Here we go!

Naram 50 is underway. Friday night is here! Its just Registration but its the start :-)

Last night George pulled out this beauty Thats a 4x Upscale Radio Controlled Astron Space plane I'm holding. Its going to be a lot of fun getting pictures and video of this critter going! (left)

OK what the hell is this? there is a small building right next to the back of the Hotel (its part of the hotel).
Can anyone see what fascinated us about this image? :-) (Right)


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