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Day 8 is "Mostly" ONLINE :-)

Though the skies were REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Sucky mangling the pictures quite a bit I got a ton of really nice shots !! I especially liked this one (got first place in team division great job Rod!)

And Chir Kidwell Won again with HIS blackbird nabbing 3rd place !

I will complete the update in the morning.

Update complete everythings online !! the videos are great and the mp3 is nice though it is 25mb being 2 hours long :-)

PLEASE help Naramlive be better !! if you know ANYTHING about any of the pictures on this site SEND me the info so I can "caption" the images better. Tell me the file name or describe the PAGE exactly that it is on and what it looks like and then the caption that should be there !!

Thanks !!
See you all next year in Arizona! thats right current rumor mill says touson or phoenix !!