Naram 40 1998

This was my First Naram. In fact it was my very first "organized" rocket launch ever. I found out about it just a few weeks before it was to happen in Muncie Indiana and thought its so close (Driving long distances was normal for me I was commuting 110 miles almost every day)

So I joined the NAR just a couple weeks before Naram and headed out.

I found the cheapest room available and booked it. This was the first and last time I ever did this. I quickly realized its worth every penny to be at the "meet" hotel to be around everyone else and the evening events.

I did not take "that" many pictures. Well that many compared to what I shoot nowadays. I probably shot maybe 150 pictures during the week (limited by how much film I could afford)

I have NO idea where most of those pictures are. This was well before I got heavy into digital photography. I managed to find by accident TWO pictures and am posting them here. As I find more I will add them.

Naramlive did not exist at this time and had not even been dreamt up yet.

I competed in every single event at Naram 40. I even did "ok" in a few (9th in D Egg Loft Altitude or was it dual egg?)

Here is my boost glider. Interestingly I used "fins" on the engine mount tube to "counter" the gliders desire to pull up. I built this from scratch with no time to research anything so I went with something fun. a Foward Swept Wing Canard. with rear eject pod. (I was a wee obsessed with the X-29 at the time)

It worked fantastically and was nice and stable on boost (pure dumb luck) I actually used Apogee "centrix" fins as the "down" fins or boostervators as I called them to keep it from looping under power. Worked a treat. The long lens on my 35mm makes those power lines look so much closer than they really are :-)


Because of my lack of regular rocketry experience I came up with some novel if not very efficient solutions to problems at Naram.

It was a ton of fun. I love having problems to solve and coming up with fun solutions.

It also flew really nicely too.


I also flew a lot of sport flights. I must have burned through 50 C6-3's on my favorite model the first iteration of the MPGB Turbo 2000. this was its 197th flight (there was more "tape" on the booster than PAPER anymore :-)

It took me a while to convince the RSO that this was safer when I angled it. you see it only had ONE glider (did not get much exposure to D engines yet so I could not lift 2) so I had to angle it at some 30-35 degrees. the glider would cause the whole booster system to "pull up" to vertical. then when the motor burned out it would once again lean toward horizontal (s profile) and I could repeat it 200 times I swear it was so perfect it looked like the "glider" was in level flight and "dropped" the expended booster than the other way around. After that they let me angle it :-) I think I flew this at least 30+ times at Naram 40. I really loved this model. As you can see I only use tumble recover on the booster back them (smaller booster lighter) this was so I did not have to worry about tracking 2 pieces. I just had to get a bead on where it ejected and it would be on theground underneath that point. I like watching the glider not worrying over the booster.

I also designed a new flexi for the Flexi Event. It was pretty neat. I actually believe I STILL have this flexi somewhere. I will try to find it and put some pictures online. It annoyed Rob Edmonds (first time I met him was at N40) I asked him what makes it always point into the wind. He replied with thats impossible gliders can't see the wind. I flew it for him over and over again and evertime the moment it deployed it would point arrow straight into the wind and come down in "reverse" with the wind direction. Ehh it was fun. Not very competitive but it was my first flexi and I built it the night before in the hotel room.

B altitude was the most annoying even I had every heard of. I burnt almost half my entire rocket fuel budget on those damned B2 and could not get a closed track. I had never made the connection and no one realized to mention that a closed track was NOT NEEDED to get a qualified flight which is all I wanted. I had 10 qualified flights. :-) hehe Grrr

I had so much fun at Naram 40 I made the decision that I would try very hard to goto every single Naram that I could. It was the start of a brand new addiction :-)

I am not sure if I met George Gassaway at Naram 40. I think I bumped into him on RMR when we were looking to split a room for Naram 41 so I think I missed him all together at Naram 40. George can you recall if we ever met at Naram 40?

Found another picture online. I had updloaded a review to and included a picture of a flight of my Estes Transwing from Naram 40 :-)

Here is one of the many "sport flights" I made. this one was remeniscient of the older complex "sci fi" ships you used to be able to buy as kits.

HEY ! I found some Flexi Pictures (I am finding a lot of good stuff I submitted to! thanks for keeping that stuff online man!

JACKPOT found the motherload of Naram 40 MPGB Turbod 2000 pictures !

Some more sport flights. I flew my Double Gnome (no point trying to photograph that one on lift off at least not with what I had in 1998) and my Enterprise. I am not sure if this is a Naram 40 flight photo but I did fly it a few times at Naram 40.

Hopefully more to come!